Full service movers help with each and every aspect of your move. Packing, crating, furniture wrapping, and delivery all services that factor into what truly sets full service movers apart. While some people believe they can handle certain aspects of moving themselves, it’s often much easier to put the stress behind you and hire a full service moving company like Foster Van Lines that offers both the expertise and trained crew to complete your move with ease. 

Full Service Mover

Why should you hire a full service mover?

They can simplify your move

Moving is often harder than it looks. Full service moving companies can move your heavy furniture, pianos, and other specialty items in a safe, simple way, saving you both stress and sanity. 

They save you time

Hiring full service movers means that your move happens in less time. That results in more time to focus on cleaning up the old place, or fixing up the new place, while your mover handles the logistics. 

They offer a great value 

Hiring movers doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. At Foster Van Lines, we offer highly trained moving crews at a budget-friendly price that doesn’t break your wallet. 

They can travel long distances

Long distance moving can be truly exhausting, especially if you have to complete all the packing and unpacking yourself. By hiring a full service mover, you no longer have to worry about unloading a full moving truck after a full day of driving. Assembling items and assisting with other unloading is included with Foster Van Lines full service moving, saving you time and sleep. 

Our Berkeley Full Service Movers Are The Experts

Full service movers are the perfect solution for the 2 bedroom apartment or the 8 bedroom home. Save your resources, time, and sanity by hiring Berkeley movers that excel in offering premier household moving services. Contact Foster Van Lines today to learn more about our complete moving services or to submit a free online quote.