Richmond household movers

If you’re planning a move, it’s a great time to downsize a bit by getting rid of some of the old, unused items that clutter your home. It can be tough to decide what to get rid of, so here are a few ideas of things to toss or donate before your movers in Richmond pull up in the moving truck! Happy purging!

Clothes You’re Never Going to Wear (Even if you think you might!)

Your closet is one of the best places to find things to purge before the residential movers arrive to pack up your home. The general rule is that if you haven’t worn an item in one year, it goes. This can be tough, because many people think they might want to wear a certain piece again—even though they haven’t worn it since they attended a Friends finale party. If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in a year, you won’t miss it. Also, if it doesn’t fit, get rid of it!

Unnecessary Paperwork

Congrats on being fairly organized and keeping a file with old receipts from every single thing you’ve ever purchased. This is really going to come in handy if you ever have to return those eggs and toothpaste you bought 7 years ago. While some paperwork is worth keeping for several years, most can be tossed after two years. Before you move, set aside some time to purge the paperwork. 

Collections that Collect Dust

If you still your enjoy your collection, it deserves a spot in your new home. If, however, it’s a collection you started when you were 7 and now only keep out of a sense of obligation, use the move as an excuse to find it a new home. If you can’t bear to donate it to a thrift store, consider passing it on to a younger relative. 

Electronics Accessories

Remember that purple flip phone that held a charge for 6 weeks? As much as you may miss it, it’s a pretty good bet you’ll never need its charger again. Also, that weird headset that came with it that won’t fit any other phone on the planet? You can let that go, too. Most households have that drawer stuffed with cords, old phone cases, and other accessories that they’ll never use again—and that they probably couldn’t even identify. Clean yours out before your Richmond residential movers arrive!

Bathroom Closet and Medicine Cabinet

One of the biggest lies you’ll ever hear is “You can never have too many towels.” Yes, you can. You really, really can. Instead of hauling your frayed, faded towels to your new home, consider donating at least some of your towel hoard. While you’re clearing stuff out of the bathroom, it’s a good time to reconsider if you need to hang on to those lotions with the crusty brown rings (hint: you don’t.) Go through your medicine cabinet and look at expiration dates, or ask yourself if you’re really going to use an item again. Cull your collection until it includes only the products you currently use. 

Having a great excuse to purge is a perk of moving. Take this opportunity to go into your new home with less clutter, and get a fresh start on having an organized home!

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