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Any Oakland movers worth their salt will tell you that living in Oakland can be just as exciting, and certainly more affordable than living across the bridge. Residential movers in Oakland are seeing a huge influx of homebuyers and renters in the area, and the reasons go beyond the budgetary. Still wondering whether you should consider making Oakland your home? Our movers have compiled a list of reasons to settle down in the city—read on to learn more!

1.  Live Large on Less

It’s no wonder Oakland residential movers are seeing more business these days. Rent prices in San Francisco have skyrocketed, making it difficult for many people to afford living in the big city. Most people are forced to share their (small) space with several roommates. Why subject yourself to cramped spaces and roommate problems when you can afford a much nicer apartment in Oakland for half the price?

2.  Local Movers in Oakland Know How to Get Around

You might be thinking that living in Oakland will keep you away from where the action is, but our local movers insist the opposite is true. The Bay Area Rapid Transit system makes getting around town a breeze. In fact, you can even reach the San Francisco city centre quicker than if you lived in some of San Francisco’s neighborhoods!

In addition to fantastic local transportation, driving in parking in Oakland is much easier than it is across the bridge. You won’t have to worry about annoying one-way streets or expensive parking.

3.  Oakland Has Everything You Need, From Culture to Cuisine!

As an experienced local moving company, we know that many people settle in the area due to its proximity to San Francisco. However, we also know that once residents settle in, they fall in love with Oakland for its own charms. From stunning sunsets overlooking Lake Merrit to hiking trails and urban parks, Oakland gives you more of the outdoors.

And if you’re looking for culture and creativity, look no further than Oakland’s bustling arts and food scene! Art collectives, performance venues, and a happening entertainment district all call Oakland home. Our residential movers also love working in the because of the amazing food! From street festivals to cultural cuisines, your taste buds will never tire!

If you decide to call Oakland your home, trust the experts at Foster Van Lines to make your move stress-free. Our local moving company will give you a free in-home estimate to determine your unique relocation needs and will help you design a moving package that meets your requirements and budget!

Oakland movers
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