With fabulous weather year-round, world-class amenities, green space galore, and vibrant neighborhoods, the San Francisco Bay area is a wonderful and unique place to call home. Whether you are a career-driven millennial, an adventurous family, or retired couple, opportunity abounds in this iconic City by the Bay!

To keep your excitement flowing and your momentum in check as you navigate the moving process, we’ve complied a handy list of moving organization tips that will lead to a successful, stress-free San Francisco move:

Create a Portable Organizational Center

This is most essential of all our San Francisco Bay area packing and moving tips—organize! Grab a notebook with built-in pockets, a moving planner, or a binder, and get used to carrying it with you—everywhere. Right from the start, you’ll have numerous elements to organize, including:

·  Correspondence: You will talk with realtors or leasing agents, contractors, movers, utility companies, new acquaintances, and so many more. You need a place to keep track of your conversations to know who you talked to, what was discussed, and what action is required and when. Take notes on a daily basis, and consider using a highlighter for each type of correspondence—red for realtors, green for contractors, yellow for utilities, and so on.

·  Receipts: The shear volume of receipts you will collect before, during, and after your move will be daunting—and you will be grateful that you saved them all in one place! There will be moving expenses associated with pre-move planning such as house-hunting expeditions, and receipts for paint, cleaning supplies, and other items you purchase to clean or make repairs to your old home. Designate an envelope or folder for each type of expense, and you’ll be thankful when next year’s tax season rolls around.

·  Appointments: As your San Francisco Bay area move hits full-steam, you will need to track appointments to have utilities turned on at your new home, meetings with contractors for repairs or inspections, consultations with your move coordinator, and school and/or work introductions—the appointments will seem never-ending. With your trusty organizational center, you’ll never miss an appointment!

Keep Essential Items Together

While the concept of what is essential varies by mover, keeping your essentials together and accessible in a box—or a few boxes—will make your San Francisco Bay area move a much more pleasurable experience. Bed linens, pillows, and cleaning supplies could be a starting point. From there, essentials for the kitchen could include the coffee maker or toaster, and children can have their own box filled with a favorite stuffed animal, books, or even a portable DVD player. Whatever you decide to include, make sure your essential boxes are noticeable with bright tape, stickers—or let your kids draw on the boxes to pass the time while you pack!

Label Absolutely Everything

While a regular black marker will suffice, you can save yourself a good deal of time and effort by purchasing labels and pre-printing them for each room. Then, give each packer a sheet of labels—or several sheets—for the room they are packing and have them place a label on every side of every box. That way you will know which box goes where without turning, twisting, or flipping boxes only to find illegible scrawls that could say “bathroom” or “bedroom.”

Are You Ready for an Organized San Francisco Move?

With these tips to get your started, you can create a perfectly organized moving experience for your household. If you are planning to move to the San Francisco Bay area or are relocating to a new neighborhood, the moving professionals at Foster Van Lines are the local movers of choice! Give us a call today or fill out our online form to request a free, no-obligation quote.