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Moving is no easy feat. Even seemingly simple chores, like packing boxes, can cause some real problems. Unfortunately, it’s the stuff you don’t think much about, like parking, that is likely to cause the biggest issues, especially if you’re moving into or out of San Francisco.

If you’re moving anywhere in the San Francisco area, there is almost no parking! The best way to make sure you have the space you need to park your moving truck is to get a moving permit. Here’s how it works:

How Having a San Francisco Moving Permit Helps

First, you may be wondering why you need to get a permit at all, especially if you’re moving into the area for the first time. The short answer is that there simply isn’t any parking!

In other cities, that might mean you just have to try harder to find a spot. It might mean parking further down the street or parking in the yard. In San Francisco, it literally means there’s nowhere to park.

In order to find room for the moving truck, you’ll need to take up metered spaces, service roads, or other spots that are off-limits to the general public. The only way to do that legally is to get a San Francisco moving permit. Otherwise, you risk getting a huge parking ticket.

How to Apply for a Moving Permit

Before your move, you will need figure out how to apply for a moving permit! Unfortunately, the process isn't exactly simple. You must submit an application to the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority (SFMTA). They require a minimum of 5 days to process the notice, so you should plan ahead. Especially since the day you apply, the first enforcement day, weekends, and holidays don't count. It's best to give yourself 10 days, just to be safe.

Make sure you understand the costs involved when you apply. It isn’t cheap! Permits cost hundreds of dollars, and costs can increase exponentially depending on how many feet of reserved space you need. Each additional sign will cost extra, and you may also be required to pay a daily fee for each meter that you’re using. If you’re moving in the area, you’ll need two permits, which means it will cost even more!

How to Use the Temporary No Parking Signs

If your permit is approved, you will need to make sure you know how to use the temporary no parking signs properly. Unmetered areas require you to post the sign at least 72 hours in advance. Metered areas require you to post the sign 24 hours in advance. You can post and remove the signs, or you can have someone from the SFMTA office do it for you.

If you don’t want to have to deal with the challenge of parking permits on your own, give Foster Van Lines a call. Not only can we answer your questions, we can help you get the permits you need to make sure your move goes smoothly.

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