Whether you want to collect your security deposit or you want to be sure to leave your home in excellent condition for its new owners, protecting your home against damage during a move is important. From knowing how to protect furniture during a move to figuring out which packing supplies to use, Foster Van Lines is a trusted expert. We believe in providing our customers with the best experience possible, part of which is ensuring they’ve got the necessary knowledge for a hassle-free relocation. Check out our tips for preventing damage to your home and your belongings during a move.

Prepare Your Home for a Move

Avoid causing damage to your home while moving out by taking preventive measures, such as:

  Use non-slip plastic sheeting or carpet film to cover areas that will see heavy foot traffic.

  Cover door frames using cardboard boxes, moving blankets, or professional door jamb covers to prevent scraping or nicking the wood.

  Form a plan of attack for moving items in small, tight areas like stairs or hallways. Consider draping cotton cloth over furniture to keep it from scuffing or denting your walls.

Pack Properly and Carefully

When it comes to packing, it’s important to pay attention to the materials and techniques you use. Choose high-quality moving boxes in a variety of styles to ensure your items fit properly in each box. You may also want to consider using specialty packing boxes like wardrobe boxes for safe, easy transport of your clothing.

Want to know how to pack fragile items? It’s important to use supplies such as packing paper and cushioned wrapping to prevent damage, but how you pack the items is equally important. Make sure each item is carefully wrapped before placing it into your moving box. Once everything is in a box, use additional wrapping or packing paper to keep items in place during your move. 

Enlist Professional Help

Looking for the easiest way to prevent damage during a move? Hire the professional movers at Foster Van Lines! We’ve been relocating households and businesses all over the world since 1941, giving us experience you can count on for a smooth, seamless moving experience. Our trained movers take all necessary precautions to protect your home and your belongings, so you can sit back and relax on moving day.

Planning a move? Make it the easiest of your life by choosing the experts at Foster Van Lines! For more information about our quality packing and moving services, get in touch with us today. Call us or complete our online form to request your free, no-obligation estimate of moving costs. 

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