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Moving is an exciting yet challenging time, and this is especially true when moving with children. From breaking the news to the family that you’re relocating, to packing on a timeline and arranging the actual logistics on moving day—moving with the family takes plenty of time, patience, and organization, and isn’t always for the faint of heart.

At Foster Van Lines, we’re dedicated to helping customers make smooth and organized relocations of all kinds, from single-person apartment transfers to large family moves. In our decades of service, we’ve picked up a few helpful tricks that can make moving easier on the entire family.

If you’re planning a move near or far and taking your family with you, take a look at these tips for making a move easier with kids and learn what you can do to prepare for a successful relocation with children in tow.

Break the News Early

Children can have surprisingly emotional reactions to the idea of moving to a new home, especially if it’s far away. Try breaking the news to them as soon as possible, to give them the time they need to adjust to the idea of moving.

To make the adjustment process easier on them, let them get involved in the moving process in any way that they can. Research the new city or town together and find out as many positive things that you can about living there. 

Sort Through Their Belongings TogetherBefore you even start packing, take some time to sit down with your kids to sort through your belongings together, to determine what you’re keeping and what is being thrown away, sold, or donated. Doing this task together allows you to help your children with the sorting process and gives them a feeling of support while working through their feelings associated with their memories.

Help Them Stay in Touch with Friends

Even if you’re moving far away, there’s no reason why kids can’t stay in touch with their friends. Between phone, text, email, and social media, there is a multitude of ways for friends to stay in touch with each other despite the distance.  

Give your children a notebook or a planner and have them fill it with contact information to keep in touch with their best friends. Include any phone numbers, emails, social media accounts (if they’re old enough), and addresses for letter writing before the truck takes off.

For younger kids, you can even get in touch with the parents of their friends and organize a letter exchange. Having a pen pal may seem like an outdated thing of the past, but most kids love getting letters in the mail—and writing back and forth could be very beneficial for several reasons.

Spoil with Surprises

Sneaking some surprises into the boxes for the kids to unpack can reaffirm positive feelings about moving into a new home. Take some time to buy a few things you know your children will love and try to make them home-related.

For example, your child might need a brand-new bedspread or comforter, or a new set of brightly colored towels. Your kids will feel excited at the surprise of opening a box of their things and finding surprises inside and can help to make them feel happy about the moving experience.

Hire a Professional Moving Service

Moving with children can be a challenge without the right resources and hiring professional movers can help to make the entire process easier on you and your entire family. With comprehensive packing and unpacking solutions, personalized moving logistics, and other services, the best moving companies will make sure that you and your loved ones experience a stress-free, seamless relocation to your new home.

For over 65 years, Foster Van Lines has provided superior service to our Bay area customers. We have you covered whether your move is local, across the country, or if you just need storage. With our friendly and professional team members by your side, you can rest assured that your family moving needs will be handled professionally and with expertise.

If you’re interested in hiring professional movers to help you organize your relocation, let us know. Give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our family moving services or fill out our online form to schedule your free, in-home quote.

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