Moving from one household to another involves a lot of planning—whether it’s a small household move or a large and complex corporate relocation.Packing is one of the most complicated parts of moving your home or business, and doing it right can take plenty of time and organization to avoid a potentially chaotic experience. Although there are residential movers that you can hire to pack everything for you, a lot of homeowners still prefer doing this task on their own—which can actually be a great family bonding activity that helps to prepare everyone for the transition.

Sure, it can be a huge overwhelming task especially if this is your first time moving. However, with the right packing suppliesit can be a lot easier to handle. Contrary to common belief, packing is not all about preparing moving boxes, dumping all your belongings in them, and using tape to seal them off. 

In this article, our team of trusted residential movers from Foster Van Lines will share some of our favorite tools and supplies you’ll need to pack your belongings securely, for a smooth and organized moving experience.

The Essentials You’ll Need for Packing

Below are the basic packing supplies that you need:

  • Moving Boxes (Different Sizes): Where else would it be better to pack your belongings than in moving boxes? Obviously, huge items require large boxes where they can fit—but what about smaller and heavier things? For these kinds of items such as books, small appliances, and dishes, small- to medium-sized boxes are ideal so they are easier to move around and to prevent the large moving box from tearing apart from the weight when too many small heavier items were placed.

Meanwhile, for lighter items such as pillows, toys, and curtains, larger boxes can work well. Generally, it is important to remember not to overload your box so you can move it with ease and prevent it from ripping apart.

  • Packing TapeAnother packing essential is packing tape. There are all kinds of tape, but durable packing tape because it is made exactly for this purpose. If you want to make packing easier, a tape gun or a tape dispenser makes a significant difference as these tools allow you to use your hand to hold the lid of the box in place while using the other for the tape. Also, it is recommended to purchase tape in bulk rather than a few rolls each time because it is cheaper that way.
  • Labeling MaterialsSure, you can move to your new home without putting labels on your moving boxes. However, labels can maintain your sanity when unloading and unpacking your things. 

With an organized labeling system, you will be able to help your residential movers know which room each box should go. You can use colored sharpies for this, assigning one color for each room. Aside from the room, it is also recommended to place a detailed description of the box’s contents, so you will be able to locate your belongings when you unpack without having to open each box.

Other Tools and Supplies to Make Packing Faster

Aside from the basic tools and materials, these are the other packing supplies that can make the process faster and more convenient.

  • Dolly/Hand TruckHand trucks and dollies are excellent for moving bulky and heavy items. They do not only keep your things secure, but also help you move them conveniently and ensure your safety. You can buy one as it may come in handy from time to time, or just rent from residential movers if you are a little short on budget.
  • Cargo StrapsNo matter how you secure your moving boxes, they may still move around during the transportation. If you want to ensure that no item gets broken in the process, cargo straps can strap down your belongings in place and prevent them from shifting during the drive.
  • Blankets and Other Items for CushioningInstead of using furniture pads, you can just use your blankets as cushion. Other alternatives include newspapers and magazine, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts.
  • Industrial Supply Cling Wrap/ Plastic WrapCling wraps or plastic wraps are normally used to secure furniture with doors and drawers such as study tables, chests, and dressers. They can also be used to protect the surface of your couch, table, artwork, and other valuable items.

If you change your mind about packing on your own, you can always take the easier and faster route of hiring residential movers for this task. Foster Van Lines’ experienced packers only use professional-grade packing supplies, tools, and equipment to ensure that everything is packed securely. To find out more about our moving services, call us today to speak with our moving consultants, or fill out this online form to get a free, no-obligation, in-home estimate.

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