Moving during the holidays may seem like one of the worst times of the year for relocation, especially when compared to the spring or summertime. During those months, the weather is warm, and our schedules are less occupied with the endless social obligations that fill our calendars at the end of the year.

While the weather is a little colder and our schedules might be busier over the holiday season, contrary to popular belief, winter is actually a great time to relocate. This especially true for Berkeley, as UC students are home for the holidays and the city is quieter. There’s less traffic to deal with, and reputable moving companies lower their rates and offer more flexible dates.

At Foster Van Lines, our expert team of local and long-distance movers has been helping families, businesses, and corporations make smooth and stress-free moves throughout every month of the year since 1941. We’re aware of the challenges that winter moving projects face over other seasons of the year. However, we also know how many benefits there are for relocating over the holidays and how to take advantage of them for a successful moving experience.

If you’re considering a holiday seasonal move, take a look at some of the benefits of moving during this time of year, brought to you by our team of top-rated Berkeley local movers.

Less Competition for Homebuyers

In the Bay Area, those hoping to buy a new home can face stiff competition against other buyers with higher bids. In the winter, however, those who aren’t in a hurry to buy often decide to wait until the holidays are over to continue their housing searches and because of this, people who are planning to buy a new home will tend to set this aside until after the holidays. With this, homebuyers who actually push through with shopping for a new home to move into during the holidays could have less competition.

Better Deals

Homeowners generally don’t enjoy moving during the holidays because of all the seasonal activities. Thus, home sellers who are selling their homes during this season are highly motivated to have it sold. There are plenty of reasons such as they need to relocate for new employment elsewhere or their home has been out for sale for an extended period of time, and they badly need the money before the year ends. So when you combine less competition with motivated sellers, you will most likely strike a great deal.

Lower Home Prices

It is no secret that the prices of homes have been increasing rapidly because of the shortage of homes. Yet, historically speaking, December has always seen lower prices compared to other months. While the housing market does fluctuate, we can’t say for sure whether this year will reflect the trends of years past. However, it’s worth it to check and see whether it’s worth it to buy your home over the holidays.

Additionally, buying a home at the end of the year might take much less time than during other seasons of the year. After all, any agent, home seller, or home buyer involved in the sale might be willing to close the deal quickly before the year is over.

Seasonal Sales on Household Items

When you move into a new home, it is a good idea to declutter; and to do this, you might have to sell or dispose of other items from your old home. This means that you need to buy new furniture and other household items. With all the seasonal clearance sales, you will be able to buy these replacements at discounted prices.

Kids will Start School Mid-Year

Moving during the holidays means that your children will start school just after the holiday season is over, and this can be a great thing. If you plan your move with time to enjoy the holiday vacation a week or two before school starts, you’ll have had time to unpack and adjust to your new surroundings before sending the kids to a new school.

Starting in a new school can be a difficult transition but coming in at the end of a long break can ease the tension for them. 

Moving During School and Work Breaks

One of the greatest advantages of moving during the holidays is that students don’t have classes during this time. This means that they won’t be able to miss anything important during the move and that the whole family will also be able to help.

It’s also very likely that adults will be off on vacation as well, which means that you’ll have more help to assist with the move. Moving takes time and a lot of patience, and it’s a good idea to schedule your relocation without having to take time off work to complete the move.

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