Making a long-distance move can be a stressful experience. You are leaving where you are familiar and relocating to somewhere uncertain. While things may be unfamiliar during your long-distance move, there are ways to reduce your stress levels. 

As professional Bay Area long-distance movers, we have helped people of all backgrounds manage their relocations. So, whether you are moving one state over or relocating across the country, here are the top ways to stay stress-free during the move. 

Reducing Long Distance Moving Stress On Yourself 

During a long-distance move, the single most stressful part is its unexpected nature. Many things can potentially go wrong during the move, which is why you need the help of an experienced moving company. 

To find a reputable moving company, take some time to read customer reviews and see past awards a provider has received. A trustworthy company will have a majority of positive reviews and local awards. 

Another way to reduce the stress of the move is by using a moving company's packing services. As veterans of the industry, they know the perfect way to pack your belongings to avoid damaging them during the move. 

Reducing Long Distance Moving Stress On Your Children 

Moving long distances is a big change for children as well. When your long-distance move becomes official, be sure to explain the situation to your kids. While they might not understand the entirety of the process, acknowledge their feelings towards the move.

During the move, be sure to make the effort to keep them occupied and entertained. The long hours you spend in a car can often feel much longer for a child. Playing games and bonding as a family is a great way to pass the time during the trip. 

Reducing Long Distance Moving Stress On Your Pets

If your pets aren't used to traveling in a car, you should slowly introduce the experience to them. Make short trips in your car in the weeks leading up to the big relocation. Additionally, be sure to keep tags on your pets in case they get lost during the move. 

On your pet's tags, you should include the following information to help in the recovery process: 

  • Your Name
  • Your Pet's Name
  • A Contact Number Someone Can Call 
  • The Address of Your New Destination 

Reducing Long Distance Moving Stress On Your Plants

If you have spent years growing your houseplants, you may want to bring them with you to your new home. When transporting plants, it's often recommended you take them with you due to the hot temperatures inside a moving truck. 

With proper access to sunlight and water, you can keep your plants safe and unharmed. However, be sure to contact your state agricultural department about bringing your plans over state lines. Some plant types are banned due to potential parasites. 

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