If you’re planning a long-distance move and you’re worried that your collectible items like luxury handbags, vintage collections, mother’s fine china, heirloom, etc., could get damaged during transportation, then this article is for you. As a team of well-trained residential movers in Richmond, Foster Van Lines provides valuable tips to facilitate your move. This article has been specially compiled based on the various experiences of our highly skilled Richmond long-distance movers to ensure that your collectible items can be transported safely during your long-distance relocation. Here are a few tips for protecting your collectible items during your long-distance relocation:

Use Proper Packing Supplies for Smaller Items

One thing that is very important when transporting your collectible items is the packing process, and the packing supplies used to pack them. These can help provide an extra layer of protection for your collectible items if done properly. Some of the various types of packing supplies include packing peanuts, cardboard boxes like dish pack cartons, packing paper, and bubble rolls.

However, there are a few things to take into consideration when buying your packing supplies. For example, you would be better off buying acid-free packing paper than any other packing paper, and corrugated cardboard boxes work better than paper board cardboards for moving your collectible items. And good bubble roll can be used to pad your boxed collections.

Also, when secure-wrapping your collectible items or taping padding items like bubble rolls to them, you want to be careful to avoid the tape touching the sensitive surfaces of your items. There are so many precautions that many professional movers use, which can’t all be discussed in this article. So, you should also consider using the professional packing and unpacking services of reliable residential movers in Richmond like Foster Van Lines.

Use Moving Blankets and Crating for Larger Items

If you have larger collectible items, you can discuss with your chosen professional long-distance moving company about creating a wood crating in the exact size needed to hold your large collectible items with minimal movements. Most professional Richmond long-distance movers also use moving blankets to provide an outer layer of padding for your large collectible items during transportation, and you can also do that.

Get Value Protection Plan

After packing your collectible items as securely as possible, it is also important to plan for all possibilities, including after-damage measures. This is because most companies provide free basic valuation coverage by law. This basic valuation coverage, also called released value protection, allows for damage reimbursement based on your item’s weight rather than its value if it gets damaged. Therefore, you cannot get adequate financial reimbursement for your expensive collectible items that have a light weight if they get damaged during transportation.

That’s why you should ask your Richmond, CA long-distance movers about the full value protection options that are available for purchase. This way, you get adequately compensated if your items get damaged. For your smaller and much more valuable items like your card collections, jewelry, or coins, it is recommended that you self-transport them or use specialty, insured shipping services to transport them.

Warehouse Storage

If there are delays in the process of your long-distance relocation where, for instance, your new home is still undergoing renovations, you can store your household items in a secure warehouse. That’s why you should choose a professional moving company that can provide you with short- and long-term storage services where your collectible items are enclosed in wood vaults. Depending on whether your collectible items are temperature-sensitive or not, you also want to opt for storage facilities with climate control capabilities.

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