If you are looking at a move in the next year, it might be a good idea to bump up your timeline to relocate in the fall or winter. Most Bay Area long-distance movers are backed up with customer moves from May through September. Since school is usually out over summer and the weather is nicer, many people choose this time of year to relocate.

However, moving requests tend to slow down as the weather turns, which means you could have more flexibility with scheduling and even save a little money.

Why Should You Consider Moving During the Winter?

It may seem a little daunting to think about moving house in the winter when the weather’s cold and the kids are in school, but this really is a wonderful opportunity. There are loads of potential benefits for those who are willing to relocate in the offseason:

  • Easier to Schedule Appointments: Since moving and storage companies have less work in the colder months, their appointments schedule is wide open. You can usually schedule packing and moving days much sooner.
  • Increased Savings on Moves: Many residential movers in the Bay Area also reduce their rates during winter or offer discounts on specific services, which translates to savings for you.
  • Potential Discounts on Rent: Winter is also a slow month for landlords and rental agencies, so you may be able to negotiate better terms on your lease. In either case, there should be more apartments and homes available to rent during this time of the year.
  • Swift Transport of Items: Moving during the slow part of the year also means that there will be more drivers and trucks available to ship your items. They will be sent out sooner and arrive more quickly on average.

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