A home relocation for reasons like new schools for your kids, a career move, change of scenery and more often means that you have big decisions to make. One of them is choosing the best or most ideal moving company to handle your move. For this reason, you may have to ask some questions, which the prospective household moving company has to answer before engaging them. Here are some important questions to help you choose the right moving company.

How Long Has Your Company Been in Business?

The answer to this question will help you understand the level of expertise and professionalism to expect from the company. A moving company with many years of industry experience under its belt will have the capacity to make your move a smooth and convenient one, while a company just starting out won’t have the same experience.

Can You Tell Me a Little Bit About Your Facility?

Facilities like warehouse storage space are important. The company would let you know how capable they are of helping you store and protect your items for the long or short term. What’s more, an established, dedicated business location is an indication of the stability of their business.

What Awards & Affiliations Do You Have?

Your potential home movers will let you know whether they belong to industry trade groups or have received accolades or awards. Such awards and affiliations are great pointers to the level of professionalism to expect from your long-distance movers.

Can I See Some Reviews from Your Prior Customers?

A company worth its name in the moving and storage industry would have no problem showing you reviews/testimonials from some of their prior customers. If they don’t have such feedback ready for you to view, the company should be able to pull some samples up on the internet for you to view.

Can You Explain the Steps You Take to Protect My Property?

Your household items must be safe throughout the relocation. That’s why professional moving companies should explain steps they’d take to keep your belongings safe, such as using moving blankets, wardrobe boxes, and wraps. Other precautions they might offer include protection for carpeting, doorways, woodwork, etc. 

Can You Explain the Claims Process in the Event My Items Get Damaged?

No matter how experienced some moving companies are, they understand that some kind of damage may occur to items during packing/shipment. To this end, residential movers should have a process in place to address any resultant customer claims. Also, the provider must explain the Released Value Protection (reimbursement based on item weight) vs. Full Value Protection (reimbursement based on item replacement value).

Can You Explain Your Pricing Policies?

As a prospective customer, you’d want to know what kind of pricing policy the moving companies run. They should be able to explain what goes into the calculation of their quote, including any optional packing and storage services you may want. Also, the moving company should tell you whether their pricing is binding or non-binding.

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