Unfortunately, anytime you have to move all your furniture and belongings, there is a risk of property damage. And no matter how well you pack up your possessions, there's no way to guarantee that all your family's belongings will arrive in one piece.  However, many people don't realize that more than just what's in your moving boxes can be at risk. While loading or unloading, your house or property can also easily be damaged. 

Fortunately, the most common types of property damage can be easily avoided with just a few minutes of extra planning before moving day arrives. So, let the expert residential movers at Foster Van Lines help you prepare for moving day with tips and tricks to keep your property safe during the moving process.

Protect Your Doorways & Stairwell Banisters

Even the expert movers can struggle to maneuver bulky furniture through doorways or stairwells. That's why professionals use padded moving blankets to protect delicate wood areas or remove doors from their hinges so they can be moved safely away from accidental scratches or dents.

Protect Your Windows & Wall Décor

Window coverings or picture frames hanging on your walls could easily be damaged while your movers are moving your bulky appliances or furniture. Ideally, these types of things should be packed away before moving day.

Protect Your Lawn & Landscaping

Ensure you provide a safe pathway for your moving crew on moving day. Make sure that there are no bulky landscaping items in the way. Remove any hazards that can be moved, and let your movers know about any hazards you cannot move. Also, if your yard is wet or soggy, you might want to consider covering the grass. Plywood, cardboard, or even plastic can protect your lawn from damage.

Protect Against Trips & Spills

You can prevent these common types of moving accidents by ensuring that all liquids or powders are properly sealed and stored. Also, be sure to take some time to make sure there are no loose rugs or trip hazards for your long-distance movers to avoid.

In your garage, you should take some time to make sure that all lawn or vehicle chemicals or oils are properly disposed of. Remember that most moving companies will not move these items, as they might not be safe to transport.

Protect Your Floors

The floors inside your home can be exposed to a lot as items are moved in (or out) of your home on moving day. All that extra traffic is certain to bring in plenty of dirt which can quickly make a mess, particularly in the carpeted areas of your home. Our professional movers will take the time to protect your flooring with plastic wrap or particleboard.

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