two people unloading boxes from a moving truck

When you're planning to hire residential movers in the Bay Area, there are probably 1,000 things running through your head at once. And if you're debating whether to hire a moving company or moving broker, we know how stressed you may feel.

In this blog, we'll break down some of the benefits of hiring a moving company instead of a broker and what it could mean for your move. However, before we do that, we thought you might want to learn more about us.

Since 1941, Foster Van Lines has been the top moving and storage company in the Bay Area, offering a wide range of solutions. Our team takes pride in customer service and offers solutions that streamline your move.

Supporting Local

It's always better to keep things local, and when you hire a moving company, you'll be supporting someone who likely lives in the same city as you. Given that moving brokers operate nationwide, there's no local support.

Reputation Research

You should always research the reputation of the mover that you've chosen to hire. Moving companies will have easy-to-access reviews and ratings while moving brokers will likely not have any info for you to grab from.

Proper Licensing

If you need long-distance movers, then you'll have to work with a moving company, as they'll have the proper licensing and coverage to carry out nationwide moving services. A moving broker will not be able to carry out these kinds of services.

Damage Reimbursement 

Although you never want this to happen, it's possible for your belongings to sustain some damage during the moving process. However, a moving company will have insurance that covers these items—with a moving broker, you'll be left to pay for the damage yourself.

Trucks and Equipment

A moving company will come prepared with all of their own equipment and trucks. Moving brokers will likely not have any of these, or they will be rented.

Services Offered

In order to reduce stress during your move, you'll want to consider full-service options. Moving companies can help with packing, unpacking, and more. However, moving brokers will do none of these.

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