When you’re set to move to a different country, there’s a lot you won’t know. Moving across international waters increases the demand for careful planning, packing, and coordinating. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your international move so you can just enjoy the new experience.

Check Your Paperwork

It generally takes two to three months to get a passport. Depending on the time of year or circumstances, acquiring or renewing a passport can take longer. As the international move likely isn’t a surprise to you, ensuring your passport is current should be a priority.

Make Electronics Compatible

Most of the world operates on 220 volts. The United States, however, operates on an electrical current of 120V. This means that if you bring electronics, they may not work in the new location. Check whether you need converters or wall plug-in adapters for your TVs, gaming systems, or other favorite electronics.

Learn Cultural Norms

Almost 4,000 unique cultures exist around the world. Each has its own set of norms and expectations. While you might not be able to learn everything there is to know about the new country, it would be helpful to learn about prominent customary practices. For example, some cultures greet with a peck on the cheek.

See Your Vet

If you plan to relocate with pets, check whether the new country has restrictions on incoming animals. Start the process early and see your veterinary office for proper documentation. Different countries may require additional vaccinations or have a quarantine time.

Downsize Your Belongings

People in the United States are used to living large. The average U.S. home is twice as large compared to even a British residence. This means you may need to prioritize what you’re taking. You can eliminate extra household items or choose long-term storage if you’ll be returning to the United States.

Hire Experienced Professionals

International relocation can seem overwhelming with the various to-do lists and things to know. An experienced global relocation company can make the whole process easier. Foster Van Lines has been delivering streamlined services and dedicated customer care since 1941. Get a free quote.