placing an item in a box with packing material

Moving and stress go hand in hand. One of the reasons that people find themselves so anxious before and during a move is the common fear that their most prized possessions will be lost, stolen, or damaged during the process. But with a little bit of planning, you can ensure the safety of all your favorite things. Follow these seven tips to help keep your valuables safe and secure during your move:

1. Take Stock of What You Have and Gather Insurance Documents

It is a good idea to create an inventory list of your valuables before you begin packing. This may sound tedious but it will be worth it in the long run. In addition to making a list, you can take pictures of valuable items and organize relevant insurance documentation. Items like jewelry, art and furniture can be insured through personal property coverage. If you choose to hire movers, you should choose a team of experienced movers like the ones at Foster Van Lines and you can look into valuation insurance options like the plans offered by Foster.

2. Gather Packing Materials in Advance

When planning a move, most people purchase boxes well in advance. But don’t neglect to buy additional supplies that will help keep your breakables safe. Many of our most prized possessions have the double whammy of being both valuable and breakable. So stock up on these materials in advance of planned packing days:

  • Packing Paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Peanuts

3. Be Conscientious with Packing and Labeling

The basic rules of packing include placing the heaviest items at the bottoms of boxes and ensuring that everything is well-wrapped. But it is also important to take care with labeling. We recommend using general terms for labeling boxes containing valuables. For example, if you have precious dishware, you may choose to label the box “Kitchen Dishes” instead of “Fine China” to avoid drawing attention to the expensive nature of the items.

4. Pack Your Big Items with Care

Some of your valuables may be large, like pianos or furniture. These can also be some of the items most prone to breaking during a move. At Foster Van Lines, we offer custom packing and crating services to ensure that all your belongings, even the most fragile, arrive in one piece.

5. Keep Your Move a Secret

You don’t need to keep your upcoming move a big, CIA-level secret but we do suggest keeping some of the details discreet. You can definitely share your exciting news with loved ones but you do not need to advertise details like your moving date or address on channels like social media.

6. Take Some of Your Valuables with You

Some of the best and most valuable things come in small packages. Jewelry, electronics, and important documents like passports fall into this category and can easily be carried with you during your move. It is not practical to bring every small item with you but pick a few and keep these in your possession. Just be sure to keep an eye on them at all times.

7. Ask for Help

Planning a move is a massive undertaking and oftentimes, the best way to ensure safety is to enlist help. When you choose Foster Van Lines to assist with your residential or commercial move, you get a team of screened, licensed and insured movers who you can trust. As a family-owned business, we always make safety and security a priority. When you are ready, complete our no-obligation form to get a fast and FREE estimate or call our Bay Area movers for more information.