You know that comforting feeling you get when you step into your home after spending time away? That feeling is the biggest part of what makes a house an actual home, and it’s also one of the most challenging losses associated with moving to a new location. Whether you’ve moved to a neighboring town or you’ve taken a leap of faith by moving hundreds of miles away, dealing with post-moving blues can be a very real thing.

At Foster Van Lines, we know that moving is about more than just getting your belongings safely from one place to another—it’s about moving your whole life! To help you kick those moving blues to the curb and embrace the idea of finding “home” in a brand-new place, our Vallejo movers have put together the following tips to get you through the process:  

1)  Get Out and Explore- Unfamiliarity with your surroundings can lead to homesickness, and the best way to remedy that is to get out in the community and start exploring! Walk, bike, or take a trip to the downtown area and get a feel for the unique vibe of your new town. You may even find some hidden gems and new favorite hang-outs along the way!  

2)  Find the Natural Beauty of the Area- Nature has a way of bringing us back to our center, and that is a welcome feeling when dealing with post-moving blues and homesickness. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and disconnected after your move, make it a point to spend time outside and develop an appreciation for the new beauty of the area.  

3)  Build Relationships- When moving to a new home, losing friendships and the social network you’ve built can be overwhelming. Instead of wishing you were back in your familiar circle of friends, take this opportunity to make new connections in your new town. Focus on your hobbies and passions, and take a risk with joining some local groups—you never know who you might meet!  

4)  Give Back to the Community- One of the best ways to connect with your new surroundings is to make yourself an active part of them, and giving back to your new community is an ideal way to do that. Whether you volunteer at a local soup kitchen or help out with town clean-up, you’ll connect with others and start building a sense of belonging within your new surroundings.  

At Foster Van Lines, our Vallejo moving company wants you to have an easy, stress-free moving experience, which means helping you through every step of the transition to your new home! To learn more about the personalized service we offer, just give us a call or fill out our online form, We’d be happy to get you set up with a free estimate and answer any questions you have about the moving process.